How To Make Money As An Event Photographer

July 26, 2020 Leave a comment Events

When you are finally confident of your photography skills, you know the next step would be getting profit off of it. The next step would be trying to up your game if you want to make some serious cash. The next step would be to build an amazing portfolio of your past photos. Better make it as presentable as possible so future clients would be more than happy when they get to see it. Picture yourself in the shoes of the client and find out whether you will be impressed in your own work or not. Here is how to make money as an event photographer:

Start a Photography Blog

One way to spread the word about your photography skills in a fast manner is to start a blog. It should contain your photoshoots with various models and nature shots. You should edit each photo until you deem it good enough to appear in the blog. Of course, don’t forget to write a little description of all the photos that you took so the readers would know what you are trying to shoot. There must be a theme for each model’s pose. When your blog gets a ton of hits, you can actually earn extra income when the brand partner up with you to advertise their products or services.

Submit Photos on Stock Websites

There are a lot of stock websites where you can purchase photos. This is usually for those people who would rather not take their own photos. The photos there are usually from photographers so submit your photo there and see how much they will take it. It would be better to send as many as possible and see if you can get a great deal by submitting a lot of photos. Better base the price you will want for your photos on the difficulty of each shot. For example, you may want more for pictures that you had to do a lot of adjusting and less for the ones where you used a mode.

Conduct Workshops

You will certainly spread your popularity, even more, when you conduct workshops about photography. There are a lot of people who would love to learn more about it and you can teach them the basics. Don’t forget to boost your advertisement so a lot of people would attend the workshop. Better include in your instructions what each participant needs to bring so that they would not go to the event empty-handed. The payment terms will also be important as a down payment would be preferred since you don’t really know the attendees who signed up.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways to make money as an event photographer other than attending events and taking a ton of pictures. The events will definitely grow when the client sees that your photos look awesome. The aftermath of taking the photos involves a lot of careful editing so the job of an event photographer does not stop in taking tons of pictures.