How To Keep A Photographic Log Of Your Road Trip

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So you’re going on a road trip. Don’t forget to take pictures. Or better yet, keep a photography log of your trip. Below are some tips on how you can do this.

You need a plan

Many people think that good road trip photos just happen. What they don’t know is that it actually requires planning. As they say, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. One of the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to get excellent road trip photos is that it’s all about the light. So if you want to have a great photograph of a particular place then you need to make sure that you get there at a time when sufficient light is available. Of course, you also need to consider shadows. After all, photography is not just about illumination.

Use apps or books

To make sure that you’ll be in the right place at the right time, you can use a cellphone app. There are apps available that can show you the position of the sun at any given time of the day. A weather app, on the other hand, can tell you if it’s going to be a sunny or cloudy day. If cellular signals will be hard to come by where you are going, then you can bring a travel photography book that tells you what time of day is the best time to take photographs of certain places.

Bring the right gear

If you want to get perfect road trip photos then you also need to bring the right equipment. After you have determined your destination and the route you’re taking the next thing you need to do is to make a checklist of the equipment you’ll need to properly document the trip. The last thing that you want to happen is to discover midway that you’ve forgotten something important. You don’t have to bring a lot. In fact, it is advisable that you keep your bag light. Overpacking is for those who don’t plan their trips properly.

In your list of gear, you need to make sure that it includes the right lenses. In most cases, though, you will only need wide-angle lenses. If you want to have special effects, however, then you should consider bringing a fisheye and telephoto lenses.

Wear the right clothes

This should be a no-brainer but there’s a need to emphasize the importance of wearing the right clothes during a road trip. So what’s the connection between clothes and good photographs? You need to wear clothes that are light and flexible so you can spring into action whenever a good shot presents itself. You may also need to wear clothes that are tactical. For example, wearing cargo pants or shorts during road trips is recommended so you’ll have pockets to hold your gear.

Bring your dog along

Why do you need to bring your dog along? Because travel photos become instantly interesting with dogs in them. Also, having a dog with you will keep you entertained especially during the dull moments of the trip.

How To Keep A Dog Quiet During A Photoshoot

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Photographing dogs can be a daunting task if the dog is super active. Some dogs are photogenic; they pose well for the camera. They follow instructions and remain calm when they are made to sit and pose. Then there are dogs that are restless and overactive. They do not sit idle and posing for the camera is not their forte. If you have to capture a dog in the picture frame but it does not cooperate with you, what would you do? First of all, you should not panic at all but find out ways to overcome the problem. It is possible to make an active dog sit active during photo shoots. Let us find out how to do the same.

1. Before a photoshoot session, take your dog for a long walk. It will greatly help if your dog is super active and impulsive. Dogs can get dazzled when they are being photographed due to the presence of bright lights at the set. They may also keep barking if they feel uneasy. Walking your dog prior to the photoshoot session will make him tired and calm. It will behave well during photography sessions and not bark uselessly.

2. Another way to calm your dog and avoid them from continuous barking is to feed them before the photoshoot. A hungry dog is a barking one. When the dog is full, it will not only avoid barking but will also behave like a good boy. Make sure to give your dog a bowl full of his favorite meal.

3. One of the best ways to treat dogs is to treat them. Dog photography studios keep a stock of dog treats that are awarded to good dogs. When dogs are given treats for good behavior, they tend to perform well. In fact, dog treats are also used behind the camera to make the dog photogenic. It is also a good way to get the attention of the dog towards the camera. It will also remain calm and quiet.

4. If you are thinking about how to keep a dog quiet during a photoshoot, try a bark collar. It has been specifically designed to control dogs that excessively bark. When you are looking to buy a bark collar, you would get a few options to choose from. You can choose to buy an ultrasonic collar, a citronella one, or a static shock collar. All three types of dog bark collars are effective in preventing the dog from barking continuously. They all function in different ways, so you should find out the one that would be the right fit for your dog. When you try a bark collar, you would be amazed by how effective it is. Make sure you buy a good quality one that will last for a long time.

When you have mastered the art of keeping the dog calm during photo shoots and stop it from uselessly barking, you would gain total peace of mind and beautiful dog photos.

How To Take Excellent Dog Photos

July 30, 2020 Leave a comment Techniques

Since a dog is considered an important part of your family, you might want to include him in your family photos but for this, you will need to ensure that your dog will cooperate with you while taking the photos. Moreover, you will need to know how to take excellent dog photos so that you will love the energy, joyfulness, and unpredictability of the dog. The right kind of tip is especially very important as it helps you in capturing the unimaginable adorableness of your pet dog either with your phone or camera. There is no need to hire professionals for taking the perfect photo because you can master this skill and enjoy getting the best photos of the pet.

If you want to take excellent dog photos, the most important thing that you will need is the right photography equipment because it makes a huge difference in the type and quality of photos of your dog. You can either use a good brand camera and even your mobile phone will do, provided it has good quality lenses. Another important thing that you will need to consider is the personality and emotions of your pet so that it will help you to take photos according to the taste and preference of the dog. Regardless of the kind of photos that you take, you should always keep your pet dog in focus so that it will help you get amazing results. If your dog has some special features like long ears or curly tails, you should focus on them for getting the best photos of your pet. You can also take beautiful close up portraits of your dog that will be complemented with the smooth and blurred background. Excellent dog photos require an ample amount of natural light so that the pictures will look beautiful and it will eliminate the need for using the camera flash. The flash burst can frighten your pet and even cause panic and red-eye so you should avoid its use completely. On the contrary, you can always take photos outdoors or choose a room with large windows so that you will get natural light for taking photos.

But before following all these tips, you will need to make sure that the places where you want to take photos are free of all the clutter. You should also have a crate handy for keeping your pet dog inside if it is causing any problem during or after the photo sessions. You should have a place that is tidy and beautiful so that it will add an aesthetic element in the dog photos. Changing the angle of the photos is the best way of experimenting while you are taking the pictures so that you will get different varieties of shots. You can also focus on the different body parts of the dog so that you will get the best kind of photos for your pet dog. The use of different toys and treats will be of great help during the pet photography session so that your pet will remain calm and does not cause any problems during the photo sessions.

How To Capture A Great Sunset Photo

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There’s nothing as refreshing as watching the golden rays of the sunbathing the entire landscape for the last time in the day.

It’s so beautiful that you want to capture it. Every day, the sunset offers a whole new set of colors and glory. With the right equipment and timing, you can take a sunset picture of your dreams.

The great thing is you don’t have to be a professional, though, of course, great skill is required for a satisfying final result.

If you’re new to photography and want to take a photo of the sun when it’s at its best, here are some tips on how to capture a great sunset photo:


Most photographers choose to take shots with the camera in their hands which has several disadvantages. For starters, due to the instability that comes with holding a camera, taking a quality photo is hard.

That’s why you should use a tripod for all your sunset photos. It helps you capture all the minute but perfect details that make the sunset a masterpiece, such as those soft clouds reflecting those glorious rays or the hidden sky that is rarely noticed.

Also, with a tripod, you can develop an excellent composition and move on to strengthening your exposure.

Pro tip: Don’t ground the tripod. Move around so you can get fresh and unique pictures.


There’s more to a beautiful sunset picture than just the perfect shot. That said, don’t leave just yet when you take some awesome photos.

Stick around for the after the reveal, when the light and colors in the sky are at their best. The real show often happens when the big yellow ball leaves the scene. There’s an explosion of various colors in the sky, mostly orange and light pink.

Wait, if possible, until the sky turns dark.


You have the perfect camera and the best spot but still, the pictures are blurry and fuzzy even when you adjust the camera. Why?

The largest problems often have the most straightforward solutions, such as cleaning your lens before taking a picture. Exposure of your photo gear to the elements makes it dirty.

Even the smallest speck can have a major effect on your beautiful picture, so strive to keep your lens clean.


Different cameras have different ISOs. However, the most common ones are 100 or 200. A low ISO means less noise. And, the sensor of your camera gives you high-quality photographs.

A low ISO also helps in blurring moving objects and brings a balance between tonal reproduction and colors.

A high ISO may work for other types of photos, but not sunset ones.


To achieve quality, you have to try new things and take as many pictures as you can. This means that even if you don’t like the first picture, delete it and keep trying.

It may surprise you that we often achieve the best results while we are in the trying stage. This applies to photography.

To get the best sunset picture, you must have a positive mindset and assure yourself that if this photo isn’t perfect, the next one will.