How To Keep A Photographic Log Of Your Road Trip

September 20, 2020 Leave a comment Techniques

So you’re going on a road trip. Don’t forget to take pictures. Or better yet, keep a photography log of your trip. Below are some tips on how you can do this.

You need a plan

Many people think that good road trip photos just happen. What they don’t know is that it actually requires planning. As they say, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. One of the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to get excellent road trip photos is that it’s all about the light. So if you want to have a great photograph of a particular place then you need to make sure that you get there at a time when sufficient light is available. Of course, you also need to consider shadows. After all, photography is not just about illumination.

Use apps or books

To make sure that you’ll be in the right place at the right time, you can use a cellphone app. There are apps available that can show you the position of the sun at any given time of the day. A weather app, on the other hand, can tell you if it’s going to be a sunny or cloudy day. If cellular signals will be hard to come by where you are going, then you can bring a travel photography book that tells you what time of day is the best time to take photographs of certain places.

Bring the right gear

If you want to get perfect road trip photos then you also need to bring the right equipment. After you have determined your destination and the route you’re taking the next thing you need to do is to make a checklist of the equipment you’ll need to properly document the trip. The last thing that you want to happen is to discover midway that you’ve forgotten something important. You don’t have to bring a lot. In fact, it is advisable that you keep your bag light. Overpacking is for those who don’t plan their trips properly.

In your list of gear, you need to make sure that it includes the right lenses. In most cases, though, you will only need wide-angle lenses. If you want to have special effects, however, then you should consider bringing a fisheye and telephoto lenses.

Wear the right clothes

This should be a no-brainer but there’s a need to emphasize the importance of wearing the right clothes during a road trip. So what’s the connection between clothes and good photographs? You need to wear clothes that are light and flexible so you can spring into action whenever a good shot presents itself. You may also need to wear clothes that are tactical. For example, wearing cargo pants or shorts during road trips is recommended so you’ll have pockets to hold your gear.

Bring your dog along

Why do you need to bring your dog along? Because travel photos become instantly interesting with dogs in them. Also, having a dog with you will keep you entertained especially during the dull moments of the trip.