How To Take Excellent Dog Photos

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Since a dog is considered an important part of your family, you might want to include him in your family photos but for this, you will need to ensure that your dog will cooperate with you while taking the photos. Moreover, you will need to know how to take excellent dog photos so that you will love the energy, joyfulness, and unpredictability of the dog. The right kind of tip is especially very important as it helps you in capturing the unimaginable adorableness of your pet dog either with your phone or camera. There is no need to hire professionals for taking the perfect photo because you can master this skill and enjoy getting the best photos of the pet.

If you want to take excellent dog photos, the most important thing that you will need is the right photography equipment because it makes a huge difference in the type and quality of photos of your dog. You can either use a good brand camera and even your mobile phone will do, provided it has good quality lenses. Another important thing that you will need to consider is the personality and emotions of your pet so that it will help you to take photos according to the taste and preference of the dog. Regardless of the kind of photos that you take, you should always keep your pet dog in focus so that it will help you get amazing results. If your dog has some special features like long ears or curly tails, you should focus on them for getting the best photos of your pet. You can also take beautiful close up portraits of your dog that will be complemented with the smooth and blurred background. Excellent dog photos require an ample amount of natural light so that the pictures will look beautiful and it will eliminate the need for using the camera flash. The flash burst can frighten your pet and even cause panic and red-eye so you should avoid its use completely. On the contrary, you can always take photos outdoors or choose a room with large windows so that you will get natural light for taking photos.

But before following all these tips, you will need to make sure that the places where you want to take photos are free of all the clutter. You should also have a crate handy for keeping your pet dog inside if it is causing any problem during or after the photo sessions. You should have a place that is tidy and beautiful so that it will add an aesthetic element in the dog photos. Changing the angle of the photos is the best way of experimenting while you are taking the pictures so that you will get different varieties of shots. You can also focus on the different body parts of the dog so that you will get the best kind of photos for your pet dog. The use of different toys and treats will be of great help during the pet photography session so that your pet will remain calm and does not cause any problems during the photo sessions.

How To Make Money As An Event Photographer

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When you are finally confident of your photography skills, you know the next step would be getting profit off of it. The next step would be trying to up your game if you want to make some serious cash. The next step would be to build an amazing portfolio of your past photos. Better make it as presentable as possible so future clients would be more than happy when they get to see it. Picture yourself in the shoes of the client and find out whether you will be impressed in your own work or not. Here is how to make money as an event photographer:

Start a Photography Blog

One way to spread the word about your photography skills in a fast manner is to start a blog. It should contain your photoshoots with various models and nature shots. You should edit each photo until you deem it good enough to appear in the blog. Of course, don’t forget to write a little description of all the photos that you took so the readers would know what you are trying to shoot. There must be a theme for each model’s pose. When your blog gets a ton of hits, you can actually earn extra income when the brand partner up with you to advertise their products or services.

Submit Photos on Stock Websites

There are a lot of stock websites where you can purchase photos. This is usually for those people who would rather not take their own photos. The photos there are usually from photographers so submit your photo there and see how much they will take it. It would be better to send as many as possible and see if you can get a great deal by submitting a lot of photos. Better base the price you will want for your photos on the difficulty of each shot. For example, you may want more for pictures that you had to do a lot of adjusting and less for the ones where you used a mode.

Conduct Workshops

You will certainly spread your popularity, even more, when you conduct workshops about photography. There are a lot of people who would love to learn more about it and you can teach them the basics. Don’t forget to boost your advertisement so a lot of people would attend the workshop. Better include in your instructions what each participant needs to bring so that they would not go to the event empty-handed. The payment terms will also be important as a down payment would be preferred since you don’t really know the attendees who signed up.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways to make money as an event photographer other than attending events and taking a ton of pictures. The events will definitely grow when the client sees that your photos look awesome. The aftermath of taking the photos involves a lot of careful editing so the job of an event photographer does not stop in taking tons of pictures.

How To Make Your Photos Look Like Professional Edits

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Photographs were taken by nonprofessional and professional photographers give us a clear difference when analyzed. The professionals of photography do know the editing techniques for an excellent photo. He would not leave a photo taken as it is and he would employ all the professional edits so that the picture quality is jaw-dropping. The ultimate result of the photos is mind-blowing for the viewers. Both a variety of on-site and lab techniques are applied by the professional of photography.

A beginner or even some professionals would find it tough to cope with the excellent photographs. Only an experienced and technically sound professional in photography can do magical things as he likes. Let us see some techniques on How To Make Your Photos Look Like Professional Edits.

The first and basic technique of photography is the light exposure feature of the camera. The light that enters the camera has to be understood so that the desired results are obtained by a person. The major components like shutter speed, aperture, and light sensitivity are important features for professional photography. If you shoot at a place where the light is very low then you have to show your professionalism by making the picture very good and quality. Especially, during evening hours you have to apply low-light tips that are taught or learned.

Next is the resolution tips for the low-resolution problem during the photoshoot. In this case, the professional would go for the high-resolution feature so that the quality and brightness of the picture look far most better. The Resample image tool helps the beginners of photography to a maximum extent for making your photos more professional.

Focus Feature

Many photographers have issues because of the autofocus feature of the camera. Due to this advanced feature, the expected clarity and crisp of photos are not obtained. A perfect tip for this issue is using the manual focus so that your expectations are fulfilled by getting a professional picture. This manual focus makes you focus on a particular subject alone.

Motion Blur

Many professionals face the issue of motion blur during their shoot. The smart way of reducing motion blur is to make your camera face down. This is the only easy way to cope with the blur issue. Another tip is to mount your camera on a tripod for a clear photo shoot. The tripod has to be placed against a wall.

Resizing Feature

Another professional tip for the best photography is resizing photographs. Using the image size option is a clever idea for a perfect photograph. The image features are modified by using this tool. The resizing tools are available for you to alter the image size as per your wish.

Landscape Tips

If you are going to shoot at a landscape then you must show your expertise without fail. You can Make Your Photos Look Like Professional Edits with the help of a polarising lens. This lens reduces the glare and reflection issues that normally occur.

Coloring Feature

You should concentrate a lot on coloring features when you shoot a photo with proper techniques. You can increase the level of color saturation for the desired photo quality.

How To Capture A Great Sunset Photo

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There’s nothing as refreshing as watching the golden rays of the sunbathing the entire landscape for the last time in the day.

It’s so beautiful that you want to capture it. Every day, the sunset offers a whole new set of colors and glory. With the right equipment and timing, you can take a sunset picture of your dreams.

The great thing is you don’t have to be a professional, though, of course, great skill is required for a satisfying final result.

If you’re new to photography and want to take a photo of the sun when it’s at its best, here are some tips on how to capture a great sunset photo:


Most photographers choose to take shots with the camera in their hands which has several disadvantages. For starters, due to the instability that comes with holding a camera, taking a quality photo is hard.

That’s why you should use a tripod for all your sunset photos. It helps you capture all the minute but perfect details that make the sunset a masterpiece, such as those soft clouds reflecting those glorious rays or the hidden sky that is rarely noticed.

Also, with a tripod, you can develop an excellent composition and move on to strengthening your exposure.

Pro tip: Don’t ground the tripod. Move around so you can get fresh and unique pictures.


There’s more to a beautiful sunset picture than just the perfect shot. That said, don’t leave just yet when you take some awesome photos.

Stick around for the after the reveal, when the light and colors in the sky are at their best. The real show often happens when the big yellow ball leaves the scene. There’s an explosion of various colors in the sky, mostly orange and light pink.

Wait, if possible, until the sky turns dark.


You have the perfect camera and the best spot but still, the pictures are blurry and fuzzy even when you adjust the camera. Why?

The largest problems often have the most straightforward solutions, such as cleaning your lens before taking a picture. Exposure of your photo gear to the elements makes it dirty.

Even the smallest speck can have a major effect on your beautiful picture, so strive to keep your lens clean.


Different cameras have different ISOs. However, the most common ones are 100 or 200. A low ISO means less noise. And, the sensor of your camera gives you high-quality photographs.

A low ISO also helps in blurring moving objects and brings a balance between tonal reproduction and colors.

A high ISO may work for other types of photos, but not sunset ones.


To achieve quality, you have to try new things and take as many pictures as you can. This means that even if you don’t like the first picture, delete it and keep trying.

It may surprise you that we often achieve the best results while we are in the trying stage. This applies to photography.

To get the best sunset picture, you must have a positive mindset and assure yourself that if this photo isn’t perfect, the next one will.

How To Choose Your First DSLR Camera

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You can’t blame yourself if you are excited to purchase your first DSLR camera. It is something you can take with you on your travels and take tons of pictures. The longer you have it, the more you will learn about taking nice pictures. You can even start a sideline as a photographer. There is nothing wrong with that as it always feels great to get added income. Here is how to choose your first DSLR camera:

Check Modes

The more modes there are, the better it would be for beginners. One new mode would be a food portrait as it is used to take pictures of food. #foodgasm is always trending on Instagram so you may as well join the craze by taking good shots of food too. When you use this mode and post your pictures on social media, you can expect more followers. Another popular mode would be landscape portrait as it is great for nice scenes like when you are on top of a mountain or at the beach. When it is time for sunset, you know you would want to take a portrait of that.

Check Resolution

If the resolution of the DSLR camera is higher than 15 megapixels, you are going to get what you paid for. The image quality is going to be great as that is usually the first feature the camera will brag about. You know you are going to be proud of your images when the resolution is high. That would mean you won’t have to spend much effort on editing them. You can just directly publish them or do it online.

Editing Capabilities

It would be awesome if you can edit your photos after you’ve taken them as most of the new DSLR models have editing capabilities. Of course, you can’t really compare what you can do with the picture to what you can do when you do it from your computer. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to wait until you get home before you can finally do it.


You may want to check recent reviews about the DSLR you are eyeing and see if the camera was able to last longer than they originally thought. You would certainly want a camera that would be able to survive tons of terrains so that it would be worth every penny you spend on it. If you see some reviewers praise its durability, then you know you must be extra careful with it especially the lens. It would be awesome if it is waterproof if you plan on taking it to the beach or the waterfalls.

Once you know what you want in a DSLR, better take a lot of photos using it to get a sense of whether or not it is the model for you. If you feel comfortable taking pictures, you know you could do it no matter where you are. You know you would want to bring it wherever you go even if it is a bit bulky.